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The World's First Quick-Frozen, Spoonable Finger Lime Caviar

With a two-year frozen shelf-life, this product provides a zero-waste solution to having finger limes on your menu.


A Colorful and Functional Garnish

This visually stunning ingredient, often termed 'lime caviar', is renowned for its unique natural plant-based caviar texture and a burst of citrusy flavor. Chefs, and Mixologists alike have always loved using finger limes but until now, they have been hard to access, expensive, and perishable making it difficult to incorporate widely into menus.


Extracted from fresh finger limes and quickly frozen, our pearls are available year-round and offered in a variety of colors.

Known as Nature's Caviar, these Limes Aren't for Zesting

Native to Australia, this ready-to-serve gourmet product has a myriad of culinary and mixology uses. Garnish seafood, sushi, salads, cheeses, desserts, cocktails - or any dish that could use a pop of citrus. Chefs love them for their textural and visual interests.

A Sensory Experience for Your Guests

Finger lime caviar pearls provide a functional garnish that is bold, crisp and adds flavor to your dish. It stimulates the senses with it's stunning visual appearance, tantalizing texture and aromatic citrusy elements for your taste buds.

About Us

At Mad Honey, our team of chefs, culinary leaders, mixologists and food service operators are passionate about unlocking the future flavors of food and beverage. We are always striving to represent the most creative, unique, innovative and delicious products into everything we do. Our partnership with Australian Finger Lime Caviar opens up a world of culinary possibilities. This is just another example of how we are bringing game changing products into your kitchen.

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